Welcoming myself to blogging!

May 30th, Wednesday.

I’ve gone over the idea of starting a blog for some time now. I’m not really sure why but I thought, “Hmm I’m pretty comical at times and I have some good shit to say most days and nobody to tell.” Well here we are. So first let’s dive into the title of the blog; Twenty8Millie. During my year of being 28 years old I have learned a lot about myself. Going through a divorce, being a single parent, being single again (that shit was crazy, we’ll save that for later stories) you have a lot of alone time. Now I’ve always felt like I was pretty in control of my life. I always had a plan and I knew where I was going. I became a “single, independent female who didn’t need a man!!” I took the trash out and washed my own car a few times and I was like f*ck this. So the realization of that made me go into what I really needed and wanted for my life. I asked myself what am I searching for. Not just that but moreso what was I LONGING for that I had not yet found.

A single woman in her late 20’s starting over with her love life is a war zone. Past love teaches you things and it puts borders around you. Self-awareness is key to making it out alive. You have to learn to judge each one for who they are not what you think you know. There aren’t really too many places to venture out to in a small town when you’re a single parent but you do what you gotta do ya know!? When you look 19-21 you fall into two categories: either you find someones son and hope his mama doesn’t call the cops on you or maybe pray you meet the right sugar daddy! Neither is a winning situation. The search goes on for the right one because let’s be honest at this age there is no time for just ANYone. The clock is ticking if you know what I mean.

What I did was sit at my kitchen table with my Bible many nights and read about what kind of WOMAN I needed to be. I read about the kind of man that God sees fit for me. I stopped looking. A man who finds a wife finds a good thing. Shoot…I’m knowing I’m already a package and I don’t go to FedEx, FedEx delivers. So I waited. Okkkkurrrt!


Here I am now with a loving boyfriend who I’m sure is going to put a ring on it soon because remember that ticking I mentioned?? I have seven year old little boy who is as he says “ready for a brother, sister or both mama” and little princess that comes as a bonus with the boyfriend. Did I mention I decided to go for my MBA with an emphasis in Project Management? I’m a crazy lady yes I know. Some of you are as well. Lets chat.  Life is pretty much happening by the grace of God and sticking my tongue out the right way to get it done.

I hope that you join me along the way.

I’ll update my blog as much as possible and I look forward to interacting with everyone. Please share as you wish and leave me some comments and/or critiques even things you might want to discuss.


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