Lessons My Daddy Taught Me

So I was listening to a song by Wale called Ambition this morning. It’s one of my favorite “handle my business, reach my goals” hype songs. I love that it. Anyways, in the first verse of the song Meek Mill says, “chances are never given they tooken like interceptions.” Now before someone goes correcting the grammar I know the correct way it should be but when you’re listening to Meek Mill, Wale and Rick Ross the shit just doesn’t vibe right if you’re making sure you’re using APA formatting okay! Just let it ride. I digress. One of my best life teachers has been my dad! The man is full of wisdom that can only be attributed to a life of working hard, hustling and making shit happen for yourself. One of the things I’ve always known about him is that he’s not waiting for anyone to hand him what he wants. He’s coming for it and “No” is not an option. He never misses an opportunity to have a life discussion with me. Whether it’s on his mind at ten at night or he’s calling me at 5am (knowing I’m asleep) he’s ready to enlighten me. I never take these times for granted. I always call him back when I wake up. He’s knows I love my sleep. My dad has always been an advocate for higher education. Not because he completed college but because he didn’t and he knows what opportunities it can provide, some he missed because employers want to see a degree on your resumé. College was never an option it was more a conversation of what I wanted to do when I got there and how to maintain my focus.

Setting goals is something I do frequently in order to help me get shit done. I can at times be a major procrastinator. Which thinking about it dad sent me a video through Facebook saying that procrastination was bullshit and it just meant it wasn’t a priority. So how do you make goals a priority? WRITE IT DOWN. WRITE IT DOWN. If you can’t see the goal you can’t make it happen! I have a planner and a desk calendar and notes in my phone and notebooks under my bed. It’s written down dad….I swear I listen. Back in April one morning dad and I had a great phone call to which I took notes. I’m going to share those nuggets with you:

The grind is every day

What did you do today that’s getting you where you want to be?

If you didn’t do anything you don’t want it bad enough

Hustle harder than the next man

It’s about you and what you want

Keep moving forward with every step

I don’t give a fuck about the next person

If people aren’t trying to move forward, be positive you’re wasting time

Let people go that aren’t on your level

If not you stay on their level

Sometimes you cut people off

No matter the time you’ve known them

Friends etc. they’ll keep you on their level

Real friends want to see you elevate not keep you behind

Time is money and money is time

Evaluate your circle

Their personal life, their finances, their grind

And if they’re grinding harder than you

They may need to cut you off

Fill in one piece to your puzzle daily

Write it down and figure out where you want to be

Mark one thing off your list at at a time

Momentum….someone not as smart as you can beat you just by grinding harder and smarter and being consistent

Most people have mentors; find one

Use them to help push you forward

Get your finances together

Two people can’t handle the money and bills

Figure out which one of you can


Now of course this conversation contained more details but this was the meat. Raw. Unpacked. Life. Lessons learned from hard work and knowing where you want to be. Do you know where you want to be? If so, that’s the first thing you write down. How are you going to get there? Write those things down. Read that shit everyday. On some days you are your strongest supporter. On other days it’s harder. Find a mentor. Find someone you can call just so they can say “Are you grinding today?” “Did you make some shit happen today?” It’s never too soon or too late to figure out you need to move forward and set some goals. Life is progressive. Move with it. Time is fleeting. Run with it.


4 thoughts on “Lessons My Daddy Taught Me”

  1. I’m proud of you, you get it. Never listen to the naysayers, those are the ones who will ask you for a job when they walk in and you’re the DAMN BOSS


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