I couldn’t sleep

My brain wouldn’t shut off as I tried to lie down to sleep tonight.

So many things across social media with all of the controversial race issues, Trump issues, Mexicans stay away issues, people don’t like people because they can’t speak American (I’m aware it’s English but you know what I’m getting at) and yes there is black on black crime and everyone is just killing everyone. Here is the thing. This is not a race issue. It’s an issue of the heart. It is an issue of children being raised and programmed to think they are superior to others because of the color of their skin. Children know they are different; their parents tell them why. As a “Christian” nation we don’t display that. It’s largely seen that we vehemently hate others from the beginning of American Culture i.e. the mass exodus of Native Americans. As I said this is an issue of the heart and of our moral compass. When we as humans dehumanize others because of how they look and sound. Yet if I as a black woman were dying and your little blonde hair blue eyed child could use my heart would you take it? Is it not the same beating heart as yours? When we teach generation after generation hate, we end up with a society such as we have now. Divisive. Black children grow up to believe that white people are the enemy because their ancestors were slave drivers. We need to teach children that you a judge a tree by the fruit it bears not by the seeds that produced it. Many apples fall from the tree and many roll far from the tree. Each person is shaped by the life they live and the experiences they have. Diversity is strength if only we would stop long enough to see that rather than let the media dictate to us what is happening around us. I live in South, MS. I have white friends, black friends, friends that a Filipino, friends that are mixed, friends that gay, straight and maybe sometimes don’t know and all I feel is love. I admit I have shared posts that show racism but I think that I have had somewhat an epiphany. I couldn’t sleep until I got it all out. Happens to me a lot. But I think that in order to change this stigma of hate it is going to take an even bigger show of love and compassion. The media is quick to share and circulate images of hate that further divide us. I encourage you to share those images that depict love and compassion, do good deeds for other just because it’s good for your soul. Talk to someone that does not look like you and really get to know them. Maybe we can learn that we are all the same. Maybe we can learn that not every stereotype is true. Someone posted a “joke” that they would hire a Mexican before a black or a white person because they could work harder and be paid half the price. That’s not funny. It’s divisive. Plus I have an Asian friend and she’s not that good at math. We laugh about it often. But the truth of the matter is what you think you know about someone you don’t. I’m a black girl and I can’t braid hair, I’m not from the hood, I don’t eat a lot of friend chicken and I don’t have a nasty attitude. Get to know someone. Love someone. Love God. Love People. You can’t do one without the other. Peace.

PS. I didn’t proofread this but whatever!


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