Friday 9:09 at 29.

Per the title you can tell that it’s Friday night. And what is a fine young woman like myself doing tonight? Gettin’ lit? About to turn up? Romantic date with my fella? None of the above sis (or homie; for my dudes reading this). It’s 9:09 on the dot as I type this right now and I am glued to a computer screen and a notebook. Grad school is in full effect and having a 12-14 page marketing plan due by Monday is no piece of cake. So how did I prepare? I, of course, got the obligatory take out from the local Chinese store I’ve been eating at since middle school, a cheap bottle of wine and I’m procrastinating. Sort of. I’ve got my concept pretty well laid out and just ironing out the wrinkles. I’m hammering out a “marketing plan” for Yeti products. Which is why tonight I skipped my fancy stemless glass and use the Yeti tumbler for my wine. Figure it’d make me more invested in the assignment at hand. By the way, finding peer-reviewed sources is a pain in the ……

With the kiddo gone with his dad and the boyfriend at work I figured, “Shit, lets pull an all-nighter and get this thing done!” I’m feeling motivated for the moment. Attempting to focus on this paper made me realize somethings though (cue ADD to kick in and throw me off track):

  1. Life is full of shit we don’t want to do.
  2. If you want things out of life you have to do things that suck sometimes.
  3. Your success is not an option nor is it anyone else’s responsibility.
  4. When, not if, you become successful you can look back and know you earned that shit.
  5. Fuck what everyone else is doing and do what is right for you.
  6. Everyone is on different paths, at different speeds figuring out where in the hell they need to be too.
  7. There are at least 5 liquor stores in the small town I live in so I’m sure most of you have access to more stores than I do, have a glass of wine and  stop your whining.
  8. You have just this one life to live so live it, stop watching it go by. Time is fleeting.
  9. Your mom (if she’s not a crazy lady) is probably right 99.99% of the time; call her more.
  10. Find you one honest friend who isn’t afraid to tell you to get your shit together.

I have over a year of grad school left, probably about 500 more papers, 15-20 more instructors to ask what in the hell did she just turn in, 1,000 nights of two hours of sleep and a lifetime of accomplishing goals ahead of me. Goals that I made for ME. Not goals my parents made for me. But goals designed for the life that I want to live. So cheers, to 9:09.



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