Are YOU Really Ready?

First of all, let me start off by saying, DAMN. Summer 2018 until the end of the year was a whirlwind of life changes (with hella challenges) that were long overdue and prayed for. If I have any piece of advice that would preface the coming events and probably my mantra for life it would be, “Be prepared for what you are asking for!” Shit got real, real quick.

Often times in life it seems that we are crying out to the universe for things that we are sure we need and that we are ready for. The stars start to align and things fall into place as if Zeus himself stepped in and prepared the sky just for you. And then what happens? Our whole world falls apart, we are not prepared and basically scared as hell. Why is this? Nine times out of ten we have not really prepared ourselves for what we are so vehemently desiring. There has been little footwork and there is no plan of action. How in the world are we asking for a husband/wife or just a decent relationship yet we frequent the local bar four times a week and know the waitresses name at Waffle House? We all been there….don’t act like y’all never had the All-Star Meal and a coffee at 4am. Now I’m not saying that your future spouse isn’t there, what I’m saying is how are YOU preparing yourself for a mate. Are you the ideal mate you are asking for? Ladies that are looking for a man with a big paycheck, 401K, benefits, his own house and car; DO YOU HAVE THAT TOO? Men, asking for a woman to cook all your meals, iron your clothes, clean the house, and be okay with your baby mama are you prepared to help her cook those meals, can you iron clothes for her when she has an important interview and can you help provide that kitchen? Are you to prepared for what you are asking for?

I was working in a place that I had once loved to go to everyday and slowly that feeling began to fade. I didn’t know what to do or what my next move would be but daily I was looking to the sky and pleading for something new for myself. I knew that I needed more. I needed to feel valued, appreciated, I wanted to feel alive at work again. BOOM. I worked there one day and the next I wasn’t. Literally. I was not fully prepared for what I had been asking for. It took a few conversations with my mom and some come to Jesus chats with my dad for me to pull my shit together and really get prepared. The same week I was working again. The next week I had my resume updated, changed my LinkedIn, applied to about 3,000 jobs through Indeed and sent too many emails to count. Life was hitting me with everything it had and I felt like if anything else came my way I was going to set the damn city on fire. I was at my limit. I consumed more wine that the law should probably allow but what is life without wine, really?? BUT things took a turn for the better when I prepared myself.

I made a list of the things I needed to get done and I titled it, “Shit I Need to Get Done.” Because goals that aren’t written down are just thoughts that will soon disappear. I crossed things off and got it done. After anxiety filled weeks my boyfriend and I both received calls for interviews that we scheduled for the same day. We traveled over 700 miles and went to our interviews. I was offered the job during the interview and a few hours after his interview he received an offer letter via email. We both started work the same week. We both had a set pay we wanted to receive and we didn’t have to ask, they were offered with no counteroffer needed. We got exactly what we had been praying for. Buckling down and putting faith in front of actions anything you are asking for a checklist away.

I once received a link to a video from a best friend of mine. I was dealing with some personal issues and I just didn’t know what to do. In this video the woman said the most profound thing, “You aren’t ready for, what you aren’t willing to sacrifice for.” And that’s the realest advice ever. So go ahead and read it again. As many times as you need to.

  1. If you’re asking for it, prepare for it.
  2. Start you “Shit I Need to Do” list
  3. Goals that are not written down are not goals (you need to see it)
  4. Be prepared to make sacrifices now for the benefits that you will reap long-term
  5. Faith without actions is dead. Do work.


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