Pregnancy as it is

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” – Maya Angelou
As 15 weeks of pregnancy have passed the body has been through 15 weeks of changes. I can recall the day that I realized I was pregnant. It was all of a sudden and very much all at once. I had gone from drinking a glass of wine with dinner to needing a ginger ale 24/7 to fight off the uneasiness that seemed to last hours a day. I was getting assignments done early, having brunch with my friends for our traditional Ratchet Sister Sunday’s to literally only having energy to work and sleep. Still being in grad school I have never felt the sentiment of F&%$ IT more than I do now. Honestly, most days when it comes to tasks other than eating and sleeping this is how I feel. “Treat yo self” is also at an all time high. I keep these nails done and I got the best pedicure of life. Those hot rocks really set it off!! And any time I’m feeling a little extra sassy, I just say, “Well I’m pregnant!” I mean really that’s the only argument I need these days. And it’s a for sure winner.
Pregnancy is all together chaos and beauty all rolled into one. The anticipation of new life and all the hopes and dreams you create cannot be described. There is also nausea and vomiting, cravings and emotions, gas and constipation. This thing is not all rainbows as many of you ladies know. Your body is going from John Mayer’s Wonderland to pass me another donut before I stab you. Your emotions have taken over and some days you don’t know whether you want to kiss the rainbow or throat punch the next person that tells you how tired you look. Just me? This was basically my first trimester. Thank goodness the second is so forgiving. Energy is restored and I’m feeling like myself again little by little. Positie affirmations ar always a go-to for me when the day is rough. Positive thoughts manifest into positive living. Although I still hate this Masters program more than ever it is much more bearable these days.
Every woman experiences different things during her pregnancy and it can even be different from one pregnancy to the next. My first pregnancy I craved lemons and pickles. I would literally eat lemons. This pregnancy I have craved fruit, especially mangoes. Both pregnancies I had an insatiable thirst for water. I feel awful without it. I’m still working full-time and plan to for as long as my doctor says I can. Mama still has to secure that bag. Feel me. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be doing during your pregnancy, what is best for you or what you should be doing instead. If they aren’t your doctor (your mama knows best too) then push it to the left. Take care of your body and love your body. As my body started to change I didn’t feel sexy anymore, I didn’t like the way my clothes looked either. Your emotions take you in a million different directions but those should be the least of your concerns. I’m pregnant for crying out loud why was I even worried about it. My body is preparing to be a shelter for new life. My body is the vessel for an angel that is new to this life and I have been assigned the task of Mother. There is not greater love than this.
If there is any advice I can offer to mothers, mothers-to-be, pregnant women or women currently trying to get pregnant it would be this: Be kind to your body, be patient with your body, be open to the changes occurring and most importantly BE KIND TO YOURSELF. More than any love in the world you deserve the love of self.

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