Sage All 2020

It’s always a good day to burn sage. Burning sage has been a ritual for many, many, many years by many cultures. Also known as smudging, burning sage is a way to cleanse negative energy, purify the air, improve your mood, and a lot of other healthy things. I’m not really one to make New Years resolutions but I’m most certainly a person that likes to reflect on things past and set goals to adjust my course. As I’ve been doing my reflecting during this month I found it more and more evident that I needed to burn my sage. I don’t know why I’ve put it off but apparently it was needed for a time such as now. I purchased it months ago and it’s been sitting on my night stand ever since. What are my reasons for the sage? I’m glad you asked.

My number one reason is because I want to cultivate a home of peace and positive energy for my family. Home is my sanctuary. Home is where I refuel daily to be able to go to work and love what I do. Home is where I teach my children to be kind before I send them out to a world that may not show them the same kindness. Home is the place we all come back to each afternoon and I want it to be a safe haven. The second reason I burned my sage is because I need to create a space for myself that de-stresses me. After working 8+ hours a day, being in hectic traffic, buying groceries with a D-E-B-I-T and not an EBT, notes from the teacher when they know he’s dealing with ADHD and anxiety, being a new mom again. Shit gets stressful. And I’m not knocking those that do use EBT I’m partly jealous because y’all don’t share JK, maybe, anyways, my point is that we all have struggles. We all have these unseen demons that we fight with daily. No matter what your situation is, creating a space to detox from the stress of your life is essential. We have to be in a clear head space to raise our children, love our spouses, and love people in general. Third, I have to rid the negative energy from my space. There are so many people and things around us all day that are just negative. Doubt creeps in, insecurities can take over and cloud your judgement, and people that are unkind can project their energy on to you. I refuse to be down trodden by the energy. I want to vibrate higher. The only way to do that is to get rid of all the negative things and people in your life. Listen to me when I say: THERE ARE FRIENDS IN YOUR LIFE AND FAMILY IN YOUR LIFE THAT ARE NEGATIVE ENERGY. And energy don’t lie. I’m not saying cut them off (yes I am) I’m saying enforce the distance and demand good energy.

The Chinese New Year has brought in the year of the rat. Most of us usually think of nasty rodents but don’t be fooled. Do your research, I did. The year of the rat is all about renewal. The rat is clever and a quick thinker. Because of their ability to reproduce they represent wealth and surplus. Go into the new year with a renewed sense of thinking. Renee your space, cleanse your space, and above all protect your space at all costs!


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