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Welcome to my blog!

First of all I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to drop in and read what I’ve got going on. I have been writing for quite a number of years and it’s something that I really enjoy. I initially started my blog back in 2018 and only wrote here and there. I was so consumed by finishing my Masters, moving into a new home, and having a baby I just really couldn’t juggle all of the things. BUT I’ve taken some time to myself and dusted off my keys. One of the main reasons that I’ve decided to update my blog and get back to writing is because its a part of who I am. I love writing. It’s a soothing thing for me and it’s time that I get to spend with myself. As a mother this is something that does not come often and I cherish it. I love to share advice and trade advice. Having a mom tribe is essential these days. So lets get into it. 

Millie + Mom is more than just a title of this blog; it is a necessity. As a mother, I at times struggled with who I was as a person. Could I still be fun? Could I still go out with my girlfriends on Saturday nights? Is a glass of wine while I make dinner okay? And the answer to each question is YES. I can still be who I am, Millie, and be a good mom. A damn good one at that. I wanted to share this gem with moms. Through the years I’ve had so many conversations with moms who feel pressured by what a “Mom” should be, what a mom should do, what a mom should wear, or what a mom should even say. And I will just say that I am a cursin’ mama. And I mean it all with love. Being a mom is by no means a one size fits all. It’s about raising your children the way that’s best for YOU. If your kid has been living off of Lunchables and Cheetos during this quarantine then so what. If you precisely chop up every piece of celery for a lunch box with soy milk then kudos to you too. They’re fed. 

Realizing that I can still be my own person and be a mother has been a breath of fresh air for me. I don’t have to do what others think I should be doing. My kids the real me. Does my way of doing it mean its right for everyone? Absolutely not. I don’t want to tell moms how to do it, I want moms to feel confident and comfortable doing it the way they want to do it. It’s all about YOU, they’re YOUR kids, and YOUR decisions. If you yell, if you curse, if you drink, if you smoke, if you spank or you don’t, if you feed them all organic or you feed them cookies and chips, boy mom, cheer mom, soccer mom, and everything else. We’re all moms that are getting shit done. 

I hope that all moms can find this relatable. As mothers it is so important to support and uplift one another and that is what I am all about. I’d love to hear from you. Leave comments and even email me about topics that are on your mind. 

Welcome to Millie + Mom. 

                       HOT MESS. LESS STRESS. 

6 thoughts on “Millie + Mom”

  1. Thanks for your blog . It is very inspiring and true. Much love to you and all the moms in the world 🙂


  2. I can totally relate to this post! I made up my mind in the beginning I would do this motherhood things my way. This reminded me of that! Keep on writing and sharing these good gems!


  3. This is awesome and a hobby fit just for you. I’m that friend with no kids that’s always saying, “If I ever have kiddos, I’m going to be a Millie Mom”. You’re such an inspiration! Love you my friend!


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