For My Baby

I wrote this piece at the bottom exactly 6 months before my youngest son was born. Thinking about how he will one years old in exactly one month has me feeling both happy and sad that he is growing so fast! We are all so enamored by him. We all waited so long for him. I think his big brother, Bra’len prayed for him more than I did. For quite some time he had asked me, “please mama can I have a brother or a sister?” He didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl he just wanted to be a big brother. He consistently asked me this question for about two years. After some time of dating my now fiancé, Bra’len has proudly mentioned to me that now I could give him a brother or a sister. The kid has no problem letting me know what’s on his mind. On the day we announced the pregnancy his exact words were, “Finally, thank you God!” He was the happiest I’ve ever seen him. He rubbed my belly through the whole pregnancy . He would always check on me and come to my room to ask if I was okay. This is just how loving he is. And he spares nothing when it comes to loving his baby brother. In the middle of the night the baby had woken to be fed and changed. Before I could make my way across the room Bra’len was walking into my bedroom to ask if his baby brother was okay and did I need his help with anything. He looked so cute standing there in his Ninja Turtle robe. His eyes hoped I’d say yes. I kissed his forehead and told him he could help change him but he had to hurry and get back to bed. The smile on his face still shines in my mind. His love for his brother is unlike anything I imagined. As the days go by I am more amazed by him. I feel as though really I wrote this poem for me and for Bra’len. His love entangled in every line. My boys will forever be entangled in heart, my mind, and my soul. Hope you find joy in this.


I’ve dreamt of you for years

Waiting to nurture and provide for you

Thought of the pureness in your cry,

the smoothness of your skin and the glimmer of love in your eyes as they look up at me.

I’m enamored by the sweet scent of your skin.

The love and light you will create in my life will compare only to the sun itself

You are love

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