Moving Mountains on Monday!

For some reason Monday seems to be the most dreaded day of the week! After a long week of work we look forward to the weekend for some rest and relaxation. When I was in my twenties the weekends didn’t require rest. I looked forward to the late nights, loud bars, and dancing all night. I could function on very little sleep. Now, only a couple of weeks away from 31 years old, two children, and full-time job, this mama is all about resting on the weekend. I love to do fun things with the family but I also love to relax. Soak the week off in a hot bath and mentally prepare myself for the week ahead. But the topic at hand is how to start the week off right and face Monday with a clear head and a positive attitude. 

1. Don’t overthink it. Monday is just a day of the day like any other day. Don’t let Monday get in your head and make you think it’s going to win. Each day comes with its own challenges. Saturday and Sunday come with challenges as well but those are the days we most look forward to. You’re already a mom which means you’re more than capable of mastering the day no matter what curve balls may come your way. Don’t overthink it.

2. Mantras. A mantra is a sacred utterance, a sound, or a group of words (usually in sanskrit) that are believed to have religious, magical or spiritual powers. Personal mantras are perfect for early morning motivation. I have a note on my bathroom mirror my oldest son wrote for me and it says, “you are the best mom.” On days when I am not feeling my best I read that over and over. Find a phrase or several of them that make you feel like a conqueror. Repeat it throughout your day to help get your through. I’ve listed a few below that I like to use. 

-I own the day, they day doesn’t own me

-Everything I want is already mine (I use this often)

-I am strong, I am brave, I am resilient 


3. Have a plan. It’s always easier to navigate your way through things when you have a plan. If you wanted to take a vacation somewhere you’ve never been you wouldn’t just book a flight a go. If you’re like me the first thing you do is jump on Google and look for hotels, you read reviews, you ask friends for advice about places they’ve been, and you call your mama. I always call my mama. So why would your week be any different? There’s always something that needs to be done so create a blueprint for yourself. BEFORE Monday morning. One thing that I really must say here is do not overload. Stick to a TOP THREE type of list and prioritize. Mom life is overwhelming as it is, don’t add extra stress. I’ll give you an example of my upcoming Monday:

1. Baby’s check-up at 850am

2. Schedule a grooming for the dog

3. Research topics for posting/content 

These are my top three things for Monday. Those aren’t the only things that I need to get done but those are the main things I need to get done. If I only get those things done, my day has still been a success. Create your to-do list in order of what has the most priority. 

4. Routine. A big part of Monday madness is that we’ve gotten off of our usual  routine during the weekend. Five days a week you’ve gotten up with the alarm, gotten dressed for work, gotten the kids ready for school, the babysitter, or the bus and you’re off to work. The weekend comes and you ditch the alarm and maybe sleep in. My youngest is 11 months old, there is no such thing as sleeping in. Then as if life was too easy, enter COVID-19 pandemic and your routine has had to shift yet again. Don’t panic. Change is inevitable. If you’re already a mom sudden, drastic, dramatic happenings is right up your alley. One of the best morning routines I have done is get up at 5:30am before everyone else. The quiet itself is soothing. I make myself a cup of coffee, toast a bagel and write a little. That alone sets the tone for my day.

5. Breakfast. You have to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of that day in that if fuels you and starts your day. During the week I don’t eat a big breakfast, I just don’t have the time. I save that for when I have more time on weekends. However, eating some fruit and a bagel on my way to work are essential. I love a good cup of coffee as well. Do what you can to fuel yourself. You get out of it, what you put into it, literally. Give your body the good stuff. I also drink Kombucha about 2-3 times a week as well. It’s a great probiotic and has some really good health benefits. You have to remember that you can’t give 100% if you aren’t giving yourself 100%. TAKE CARE OF YOU.

6. Reach out. Each and every one of us has had some bad days. We all also need support from our friends and family. I have a great group of friends and other moms that just really get it. Some days I have to reach out and just ask for an extra prayer or some advice. Other days I just need someone to listen to what’s going on in my mom world. I have also been that for my friends as well. Being a mom friend is collaborative. Work together to get it done. We have to support each other on the bad days not just show up for the good ones. This cannot be one-sided and I cannot stress that enough. Its called a support system and that’s because at some point we all need some support. Be there for your girls, sis. 

Making Monday’s easier is not going to happen all at once. Just like with anything you want to master it takes practice. Create a routine that works out best for you and stick with it. Good habits are created with consistency. Cheers to a happier Monday.   


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