Most often when I hear the term co-sleeping there is something negative to go along with it. Many physicians recommend that you do not co-sleep with your infant and that they sleep separately in a bassinet or a crib. I’m just going to be honest from the jump and tell you that I co-slept with both of my boys from day 1. Some people are probably highly appalled by this. You’ll be okay. They’re wonderful, healthy boys. Quite beautiful humans in fact. For me, co-sleeping was really comforting for me. As a first time mother I was nervous about having my baby to far from me. I would get out of bed one thousand times a night to see if he was breathing, just looking over the crib staring at him. I breastfed both my boys. So with my oldest son when I breastfed I would sit in the chair next to his crib. Once he was done feeding we would both just fall asleep together. After some uncomfortable nights in the chair I was over it. I fed him in bed and we would snuggle up and go to sleep. I would make a space between myself and my then husband and place him on his back to sleep. He slept like an angel.

As my first born, Bra’len, got older I began to transition him to his own bed. I did this by making him a big boy room. Of course plenty of nights I would wake up with him staring at me from the bedside. Any mother reading this has probably had her fair share of middle of the night heart attacks. What in the world possesses them to just stare at us? It’s creepy. Children are creepy. Anyways, it turned out great. I don’t feel that I had a harder time than anyone else with the transition because I co-slept. Bra’len is a mama’s boy tru to heart but I don’t think it’s from co-sleeping, I’m just an awesome mom. Haha but no really, co-sleeping for me was wonderful, it made me feel really close and bonded to my baby.

Having a second baby I again was told, “do not sleep with your baby, put him on his back in his crib or bassinet at the bedside.” I did in the hospital, maybe a couple times. But my God have you seen my kid? I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. I wanted to hold him every second. Same story as before, he sleeps in the middle of us in the bed. He’s a mama’s boy. I breastfed him until he fell asleep and then I’d fall asleep staring at him not really knowing when I’d fallen asleep. His big brother loves to hold him and put him to sleep. He wants baby brother to sleep with him too but we’re not quite ready for that yet. My littlest, Deuce, is now a year old and now we will begin his transition to his big boy bed. He will have a big boy room as well. I mean maybe not right now, but ya know, soon enough. Until then, I’m going to cuddle this sweet boy every night that I can. One day he’ll be too big to hold and I’m soaking up all the time that I have.

The whole point of my blogging is to create a safe space for mother’s to feel comfortable with themselves. I think support during motherhood is essential and has no place for judgment. There have been times that I have felt shamed for co-sleeping among other parenting choices I’ve made. But my babies have always been happy and healthy and that’s all that matters to me. There are lots of things that moms have guilt about and I think that mainly stems from all the expectations placed on mothers. I’m not saying that you need to co-sleep with your babies, I’m just saying that’s what works for me. I’m stubborn at heart, doing things my own way just comes naturally and sometimes to a fault.

Do what feels right in your soul. Nobody can tell YOU what’s the best thing for YOUR kids. Keep doing your own thing mama.

2 thoughts on “Co-sleeping.”

  1. Yes to bedsharing! My baby girl loves to be right between daddy and me! She’s almost 11 months and I can’t bring myself to keep her in her room yet.

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