Finding New Roads

Enter March 2020 and the rise of the novel coronavirus. Things as we know it have forever changed. During unprecedented times of change I feel as though we have two choices; to sit on the sidelines and be bystanders OR find new roads to journey on. I refuse to stand by while life passes on as only a spectator. I know that things have closed and slowed down but there is still a lot that can be done. In this year alone I have seen more people start businesses, finally reach weight loss/gain goals, start writing books, explore the outdoors, spend more time with their kids, and the list goes on. It is times like these that we can absolutely seize the day and find new roads.

Over the past few months I have really began to look at life a little bit differently. I’ve been working on ways to prioritize my time to be a better mother and spouse all while remembering to take care of myself and my needs as well. I’m working on creating something of my own that’ll I’ll announce in coming months, and I’m taking time to really be present in the moment. My idea of “finding new roads” is creating a path that I created for myself to get me to new places. For starters I began writing again because this is a road that I’ve always sort of half-ass traveled. I write lots of things from poetry, blog, quotes, etc. It would be nice to have a book of my own published on day. I decided the only way to make that happen is to continuously “perfect” my craft. I write a little bit daily and weekly I participate in a poetry writing challenge from my instagram handle. I’m finding new ways to connect with what makes me grow. This includes self-care. I’m taking all the time I need to make myself feel good and look good. Face masks, foot scrubs, protein, eating up all the calories I want and need, trying new hairstyles, you name it. I mean what really is better to do during this time than to take care of yourself?

I know that things are closed a bit and maybe in some areas more than others but the one thing that is always open is your mind; use it to your advantage. If you’re creative then create more than you ever have. If you love make-up then make some videos, post some videos, people love tutorials. They’re literally all over every social media platform. Find new ways to make an income. Yet again, another wonderful thing about social media. The possibilities for what you can do are limitless. Tap into your potential and find a road you haven’t yet been down. It may turn out to be your biggest blessing. Hope you all have a great Sunday. I’m about to do my hair now!!


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