Birthed as a daughter

Made a sister

Chose to be a friend

Became a mother

Became an aunt

Chose to be your lover and now your wife

But I am still me

I need you to love me where I am

Don’t lose me in the titles

These things have created in me diversity

They have changed my mind and they have strengthened my soul

I need you to love me where I am

I am wanderlust with discovering this woman I am becoming but I have not lost sight of you

Please don’t forget me

My eyes don’t see me the same but I pray you always will

This body has changed and things aren’t quite the same

I need you more than ever to love me where I am

I love you as much now as I did then and I’m promising to you

As the seasons change and the years pass I will love you right where you stand

4 thoughts on “”

  1. Really felt this one because doing me now. I grapple with why many try to fit you in a box? One should just received us at the present and sure do others. Good or bad, it truly is what it is! Great post Millie! Love your blog!


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