Check On Ya People

I know a lot of us are doing okay. We’re still working and day to day life is carrying on without a hiccup. But there are many more that are probably, most likely, silently struggling. The fact is, we don’t really know each person’s struggle. We don’t know what the person we share an office with is facing. But what I do know is that everyone needs someone. Just letting someone know that you’re there for them and you got there back can alter the course. Planting seeds of positive energy goes miles and miles. Your strongest friends need your love too. Your loud friend needs some support too. The friend that’s always smiling needs a hug sometimes too. How do we know this? Those that smile and laugh the most are often covering sadness and depression. Suicide is real and it affects us all. CHECK ON YA PEOPLE.

Call, text, pop up. Anything you need to do to make sure your friends and family are okay. These are trying times and mental health is fragile. Just reach out. I have a friend that randomly sends me Bible verses. I have a friend that sends me songs. I have friends that I text just to let them know I miss them and love them. It matters. Don’t let the days become months. Time is fleeting. CHECK ON YA PEOPLE.


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