Mom Miles Away

In just a few days you will be gone from me. Not from this earth, but your physical presence. And although I carry you in my heart and my soul, my senses ache for you. My eyes weep for you.My nose misses your smell even though you’ve played all day. My hands miss your hugs and holding your cheeks. My ears will miss your laughter and even your sighs. I’ll miss the taste of cookies we bake and all your favorite places.

There are days the hundreds of miles seem like different universes. There are nights I lay awake that seem like eternities. My heart aches in your absence but memories of plans we make keep me alive. And although I am sad at times, do not fret my baby boy, I am happiest when you are happy. My eyes light up when I tell others about you.Showing your pictures make me feel like life is normal.I spend my days waiting for our next adventure and that smile that you have when you see me coming.

I know that I’m mom even miles awayBut there are days that are just too much to bear. And the medication doesn’t help. And the cuddles just aren’t strong enough. And no matter my strength I can’t keep it together. But please my baby boy, my love, my love, never forget, I am mom miles away and my love for you stretches beyond.

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