Fresh Bananas

Motherhood in my mind can only be described as beautiful chaos. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Yet, it is one of the most chaotic experiences I’ve ever had and enjoy. It’s psychosis. Loving a tiny person you made to the point your heart could explode and then doing it multiple times. It is love, joy, guilt, tears, laughs, poop, snot, vomit, giggles and everything in between. But this morning was just chaos.

My morning started wonderfully.
Smiling, happy baby boy.
I decided to keep it that way so I didn’t touch up his ponytails.
We make it downstairs to his Batman mask and it’s lots of laughs and smiles. Until.
The last damn banana, rotten!
All hell breaks loose.
Already “late” I say fuck it, let’s go to Walmart.
Perfect bananas. He ate two and was super happy.
Then he realized, “oh shit im still going to daycare!”
The meltdown starts.
We get to daycare and he’s semi-okay until he walks up to the classroom. He loses it.
Huge tears. Screams. Mom guilt. Squeezing my legs. Eyes full of tears. More mom guilt. Mama has to work baby.

But this is real life. This is what happens from time to time. A little piece of your heart breaks. Wondering how long it took them to calm down. Should I just have skipped work today. So many thoughts inside of mama. You aren’t alone though. There are millions of us feeling the same way. Shake it off mama, I promise it’s going to be okay!

And remember to keep fresh bananas ✨

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