Some Days the Mountain Is Too Big

Whew! The only way I know how to begin this is just to jump right in. This year has been hell for a lot of people including myself. There have been some amazing things as well and I would be ungrateful not to mention how blessed we are. We celebrated one year in our new… Continue reading Some Days the Mountain Is Too Big

Finding New Roads

Enter March 2020 and the rise of the novel coronavirus. Things as we know it have forever changed. During unprecedented times of change I feel as though we have two choices; to sit on the sidelines and be bystanders OR find new roads to journey on. I refuse to stand by while life passes on… Continue reading Finding New Roads

Friendships and Pandemics

This year, I like so many others, had hopes and plans for this year to be the best yet. We all had trips planned, events to go to, friends to visit and gatherings to attend. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until all of a sudden the idea of such things are definitely out of the… Continue reading Friendships and Pandemics

Virtual Learning 2020

I’m sitting in what is usually my kids drop off line at the rear of his school to pick up his assigned Chromebook for this school year. Usually by this time we would have picked up a school supply list from Walmart and gotten all the necessary items. Fighting crowds of other parents waiting until… Continue reading Virtual Learning 2020